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When you walk through the doors of 801 Fish you’ll find an elite restaurant offering fresh, refined seafood, exemplary service, an award-winning wine list, and luxurious decor. The freshest concept to the 801 Restaurant Group Portfolio, 801 Fish offers pristine finned fish and crustaceans from the oceans of the world served in our restaurant in St. Louis, Denver, and our newest location in Minneapolis. Fresh fish, crustaceans, and oysters are delivered to the restaurants daily to guarantee delicious, refreshing, and pure cookery. We can promise that our seafood is always served fresh, transported directly from the dock to your table; so fresh, if you closed your eyes you’d feel as though you were eating at a table right on the coast.

801 Fish’s Raw Bar: A Seafood Adventure

Oysters are packed with flavor and depth, but can be intimidating to those who have never tried them. Our chefs at the raw bar will provide you with oyster suggestions and pairings to deliver the most enjoyable and unique seafood dining experience, right in the heart of the Midwest. The oysters are alive and shucked from their shell just moments before they arrive at your table, bringing you a taste of the ocean.

Come enjoy your coastal favorites, including our finest 801 Signature and Grand Duxbury. These menu selections are inspired by those new to oysters, as well as those veterans who want to take the full plunge. Our fresh oysters are served with lemon, red wine mignonette, fresh horseradish, and our signature homemade cocktail sauce, sure to give you a luxurious dining experience you’ll never forget.

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Our Culinary Team

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